Here at Landari, we recognise that carbon revenue is an important component of forestry projects and that it delivers significant value to landowners.

Landari develops domestic land-sector carbon projects via the Clean Energy Regulator, while working within the traditional forestry sector: planting, tending and harvesting services and log, land, biomass and forest sales.

Land-sector carbon projects include:

  • commercial timber plantations

  • native regrowth

  • native regeneration (HIR)

  • dedicated native forest plantings

  • soil carbon

We have been involved in carbon projects since the mid-2000’s, including developing biomass renewable energy and carbon business models for the plantation sector. More recently we have successfully registered multiple Plantation Forestry carbon projects with the Clean Energy Regulator.

Landari can assess your property's eligibility for carbon projects that may result in Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU). We can register a carbon project on your behalf and undertake the necessary reporting and auditing requirements for your carbon project, whilst you enjoy the financial benefits that accrue.

What is an (ACCU)?

An ACCU is an Australian Carbon Credit Unit and it is issued to by the Clean Energy Regulator and kept in the electronic Australian National Registry of Emissions Units. Each ACCU issued represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent stored or avoided by a project.

Generating ACCUs

ACCUs are issued in arrears to eligible projects under a series of rules, known as Methods, issued by the Clean Energy Regulator. Each Method relates to a different sort of project for example soil carbon, plantation forestry or native forest regeneration. Some sites can be eligible under several Methods.

Selling ACCUs

It is up to the landowner to decide how and when their ACCUs will be traded.

ACCUs can be sold under forward contract with either the Federal Government (via the Emissions Reduction Fund auctions) or by private treaty. Bespoke fees apply for the establishment of these contracts and they generally involve tranches of 50,000+ ACCUs and will involve either auction preparation or contract negotiation.

Landari can help you to trade your ACCUs on the spot market at the time you wish to trade them.

Some landowners may prefer to hold onto their ACCUs as an investment or in order to discharge any carbon liabilities they may have in the future.

For more information on our carbon project services please contact us.